Experimental Charcoal Making

This is a time-lapse video of Niall Kenny and Eoin Donnelly's experimental charcoal production pit at Smelt 2010 being opened and emptied. The charcoal burn went well and a substantial amount of charcoal was made. The charcoal burn was featured in the Naked Archaeology Podcast which can be downloaded here or listened to online here.

More updates on the charcoal experiments will be put up asap and you can have a look at some video from the smelt here

2/13/2011 03:01:39 pm

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3/4/2011 09:03:52 am

you are scientific indeed.
can you answer these questions:
What in charcoal makes it trap microorganisms when used as a preservative in say ground beans or soup or any other food material?
How can the adsorbed microorganisms be detected in an analysis?
What toxic element does charcoal contain?

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    This site gives information about charcoal production experiments being undertaken by Niall Kenny, an archaeologist from Ireland (in collaboration with Brian Dolan and SMELT 2010)